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Building and deploying a system of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point / HACCP / or system for managing food safety

Offer to build and implement a system of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point / HACCP / or system for managing food safety in accordance with food law / SG. 31/2006g. /.

Under Bulgarian law of 01.01.2007., Manufacturers and retailers of food implement, implement and maintain a system for managing food safety or system of hazard analysis and critical control points / HACCP / / Food Law, Art. 18 /.

What is the benefit from the implementation of HACCP system?
The availability of the systems and its efficient functioning:

  • Carry out preventive control to eliminate or reduce hazards
  • Providing documentary evidence of control of technological processes,
  • Demonstrate compliance with the criteria of practice and legislation
  • Proves that food is safe and protect consumer health
  • Allows firms to perform better external and internal markets, expand market position of company
  • Increased confidence in the company among consumers
  • Enhances the image of the company
  • Protects the company in a conflict of interest

Construction and implementation of HACCP system includes the following phases of activities of the system:

1 The stepping stone Audit status: - clarify the project objectives, scope and team system
- conducting interviews with all key staff positions for the system
- an initial audit to verify compliance to the existing system with the requirements of HACCP;
- analysis of the situation
- development of schedules of the development, management assistance in the preparation of all necessary documents for the establishment of HACCP system - orders, and other programs.;

2 development phase of the documents:
- Development of documents
- procedures, operational documents, and guide others.
- Initial training of staff of the organization
- gradual adoption of documents of joint working teams;

Implementation 3 phases:
- training of staff in deployment and implementation of the system
- for auditing the implementation of the system
- making changes to documents when necessary, established during the audits;

4 Stage Operation:
- verification of the system.

In the establishment and implementation of HACCP / Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points / carried out in accordance with the principles of the system:
analysis of hazards.
Determination of Critical Control Points / CCP /.
Determination of critical limits and introducing them to each CCP.
Establishing a system of monitoring the CCP through observation.
Establish corrective actions.
Establish procedures for verification / checking / system.
Introduction of the documentation.

Evita Trade Ltd. ensures that the system is documented in the manual, procedures, instructions and documents will meet the requirements of HACCP and the requirements of supervisory authorities.

By the contract of consulting services in integrated development and implementation of good manufacturing, commercial and hygiene practices, management systems and food safety systems and quality management, we provide:
- professional partnership
- accuracy, precision and respect for deadlines
- mutually beneficial terms and complete coverage with the country-specific regulations and laws
- the possibility of annual extension
- the extension of opening clauses in the contract
- to improve business management and work process, increasing the benefits of continuous improvement, implementation and certification of the IACS
- successful certification, regardless of the certifying authority.

Cost of service is determined by your field of activity, the number of objects that control the number of employees of your company.

The contract term is three months or until the introduction of the developed system for your organization.