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"Dance Sport & Art Center" - Burgas

During its long activity as racers in dance sport, coach and organizer of various national and international competitions, seminali, congresses, exhibitions, shows and similar ways of looking at business development in the field of sports, different types of dances and some art forms in Bulgaria and other countries (including Bourgas), analyzing the diverse desires, reactions and comments of people scrutinize the existing facilities, taking into account the priorities for investment in the country, came to the firm belief that the creation of polifunktsionalna hall with requisite facilities and luxury is timely and necessary for the Bourgas region.

Technical characteristics of the Center

Total area - 475 square meters
Working area - 280 square meters surface taxi
2 pcs. changing rooms, each with adjoining wardrobes, a shower toaletnya
2 pcs. toilets with sinks
Shop for sports and music and accessories
bar with 25 seats
ventilation and air conditioning
professional sound and lighting
Telephone, fax, Internet
Classical interior
separate entrance and parking
urban transport, about 50 m.
external clock physical security and alarm

The preconditions for the success of this project are related to:

  • * Lack of such facilities in the city and region
  • * Presence of traditions in dance, sports and arts
  • * The availability of specialists to carry out the activities
  • * Lack of beautiful and unusual exhibition halls
  • * Lack of a place where people can dance in pairs
  • * Concern about the growing crime and drug addiction
  • * Lack of safe places for entertainment and sports

The mission of the team working at the Center will be seeking to change people's lives, turning art into an experience for everyone in everyday life.

In the Center will work the best specialists of the city and region in the field of:

  • * Dance Sport (Latin, tango, salsa, etc.).
  • * Ballet
  • * Jazz
  • * Rock
  • * Martial Arts
  • * Aerobics, Callanetics and others.

Training will be for people from Burgas and the region in groups for beginners and experts, mainly in age from 5 to 50 years. In addition there will be group activities and hours of individual preparation and themed "Latino Party", "Jasta party" and others.

There are opportunities for other activities related to the existence of comfort, luxury, furniture and technical dimensions of the Center - seminairi, congresses, presentations, etc.. Over the next few years, I consider that the market for this type of activity will grow, and its prices.

Unique in this business project, which will put him out of any competition is a combination of:

  • * Name and the popularity of people who will work at the Center;
  • * Style and atmosphere of the Center;
  • * The size of the hall;
  • * Presence of a bar;
  • * Polifunktsionalnost;
  • * Management;
Dance Sport & Art Center

Dance Sport & Art Center

Dance Sport & Art Center

Dance Sport & Art Center

Dance Sport & Art Center

Dance Sport & Art Center