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Bank loans for U.S. equipment

Federal Program of the United States to ensure the export of U.S. equipment, services and / or technologies provide guarantees for loans with a value of U.S. $ 250,000 to 10 million USD. The loans have a maturity of 3 to 7 years. Through this program, companies can finance up to 85% of the purchase deal that the relevant U.S. products. Within the program could be financed procurement of new equipment and second hand equipment.

Under the terms of the program, the purchasing company is not required to provide collateral for the loan, but must meet certain financial parameters. These parameters are determined on the basis of official financial statements of the company for the past three years. One of the mandatory conditions is the amount of loan requested should not exceed 40% of the net worth of the purchasing company, calculated as the difference between the value of assets and the amount of her duties

List of necessary documents for applying for a loan:

  • The company must develop the same kind of business, at least three years and to show positive cash flow and net profits.
  • Financial statements for the past three years should be prepared in accordance with adopted international accounting standards (required to be certified by international standards and contain appropriate explanations when applying for loans over 1 million dollars). To the financial statements should be administered a brief explanation of the used accounting standards. All financial reports should contain detailed financial notes, prepared by a qualified accountant with which to explain the used accounting principles, including methods and values used in calculating depreciation and the method of valuation of assets and stocks. Depreciation and interest should also be displayed, stating the nature and timing of other existing loans, and their origin. All documents must be submitted in English.
  • Equipment should be manufactured in the United States and transported by the United States as a minimum value of $ 250,000 and the maximum - $ 10 million. Only finance program production equipment, working capital financing is not provided.
  • Proforma invoice, or if not yet available, it is necessary to estimate and description of goods offered for import vehicles.
  • Recommendation from servicing banks and major suppliers of the company.
  • Profit before tax, interest and depreciation must be at least 1,5 times greater than loans serviced during the last fiscal year.
  • General obligations should not exceed 1.75 times the value of fixed assets of the company.
  • Loan amount can not exceed more than 40% of the company.
  • Borrower should have sufficient own resources to cover 15% of transaction value.

Evita Trade Ltd. offers a wide consultation process the loan request. To assess the financial performance of individual companies in preparing an application for a loan to the signing of the deal. The initial assessment of the financial parameters to meet a company for a loan made by Evita Ltd. for its own account and in a very short time. Two to three working days after submission of financial statements for the past three years and a pro forma invoice for U.S. equipment you will receive a written response to our competent opinion. Company policy is to work very quickly and preserve the confidentiality of information.