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Offer 230 - For sale apartment

For sale apartment, brick, electricity, water, sewage, unfurnished with three terraces, on the 3rd floor. Close to busstations 11, 404 and 72.
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Tel: 0886953235 Name: Христо Date: 22.07.2011 Write email

Name: Rosario Email: shepherdstibb@btinternet.com Tel: oeLyTjIElYitvLu Date: 14.10.2012
President,Its 2 yrs now .we had hope that US job prospects will get beettr Sir i lost my younger brother (36yrs)who was laid-off from HSBC he could not take the pain of remaining unemployed.he was a US grad,but a indian by birth hence the discrimination
Name: Jace Email: jkw671yyej7@gmail.com Tel: TDHFAcpB Date: 08.01.2015
A good many valbeulas you've given me.